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What our customers say


I was surprised by the good quality and workmanship. Due to the safety inlay, however, the cap is a bit smaller, otherwise great!

Markus Kranz

I only found out about the caps because the youth team in which my son trained was equipped with them. Then I also ordered one and have been very satisfied so far.

Stephanie Ricks

When I was looking for a new cap, I came across these protectors - great stuff and for me the best thing is that the protector also fits into any cap. I just put it in and that's it!


The protector makes me feel safer and I don't have to run for cover every time I hear "Foooore". I hope that more people will buy your product. Great Job


I have had the protector in my cap for 3 weeks. At first I thought it was too heavy, but after the first few minutes you don't feel it anymore.

Lousie from UK

I can take it out at any time, but I don't think about that any more - my safety is too important to me! Great product

Stuart from UK

I have already experienced that Fore is not even called. With the protector, I am now more relaxed on the course.

Robert from DE

After what happened to me on the pitch today, I decided to write a review. When visibility was poor, a ball hit me right next to me. After this experience, I'm really happy about the cap.

Dennis Scholl

I've seen many times when people don't call fore on the pitch. With the safetee cap, I'm more relaxed when playing.

Julia Foell


safetee – now with TÜV certificate

Safetee's X-Light protector is now TÜV certified! After rigorous testing, it meets all criteria and boasts an impressive 87% 'Impact Absorbing' quota. Another milestone achieved, alongside R&A approval for golf. More exciting news coming soon!

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US Open `22 – “Hall of Fame” golfer hits fan in the head

The text talks about the rising incidents of head hits by stray golf balls in golf tournaments, emphasizing the need for safety measures like safetee technologies, which provide protection against such injuries.

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safetee receives approval from the R&A

The R&A officially approved the X-Light golf protector "safetee" for tournament use, confirming its compliance with the Rules of Golf. This marks a significant achievement for the product and ensures its safety and usability for both amateur and professional golfers.

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